About Us

When the Government started distributing stimulus checks during the pandemic to give a financial boost to people struggling across the nation, we decided to channel a passion for making an impact. I posted an idea on Facebook encouraging my friends to pool funds to invest in order to help people down on their luck build generational wealth.

The interest in that one post sparked an idea to create a new nonprofit organization. S.U.L.V. Foundation, Inc. (Stimulating Urban Las Vegas) was established to encourage individuals to take ownership of their lives and adopt financially and mentally responsible behaviors by creating opportunities to build intergenerational wealth.

When a person doesn’t have enough to eat or a place to live, their mindset isn’t on building but on surviving. We want to put an end to that survival mindset by opening doors of opportunity through training, mental health awareness, and advocacy. Our suite of free community services includes providing temporary housing services, financial wellness seminars and events, mindset therapy, and more. Every service we offer is geared toward promoting personal growth and sustainable self-reliance. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our long term vision is to build a replicable model that can be put in place in cities around the world so we can make a global impact.

Our ultimate goal is to help individuals, families, and  communities envision, unleash, and own their true potential by empowering them with the knowledge they need to not only survive but thrive.

If you care as passionately as we do about making a difference in people’s lives, I invite you to join us!

Ebonie Coty- President

Our team has a combined experience in:

  • Knowledge of real estate fundamentals
  • Experience in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses
  • A strong capacity to develop service programs
  • A business model that combines a charitable mission with the management and financial discipline of a for-profit enterprise.

The Mission

The S.U.L.V. Foundation, Inc. is a global nonprofit organization established to encourage people everywhere to take ownership of their lives and adopt financially and mentally responsible behaviors by creating opportunities to build intergenerational wealth.

S.U.L.V Fulfills it’s mission by sponsoring projects in three core areas:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Human Development
  • Community Engagement

Our Vision

Our vision is to build one of the world’s leading resources for restoration and empowerment as we bring aid to people in need by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to achieve greatness.  Our vision is to build a proven model of personal and community transformation that can be repeated globally for the biggest impact possible. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.

Apart from our Mission and Vision:

We believe that we are here for the benefit of mankind and a reflection of examples of what to strive towards. We all have a purpose in this life and our goal at S.U.L.V is to help people find that; without worrying about living conditions or lack of knowledge.

When a person has to worry about a place to live, it doesn’t allow you to think about business or growing anything; you’re just in survival mode, so having your own place is such a big deal.

-glenn sterns
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