Getting the Most Out of Life: 21 Timeless Tips

What is it you desire? To get the most out of life? Keep on reading. There is no right or wrong answer. Maybe you aspire to do satisfying work that will allow you to add value to the world. Maybe you’re looking for a fulfilling relationship that brings you joy. Maybe you want to becomeContinue reading “Getting the Most Out of Life: 21 Timeless Tips”

7 Useful Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus

Staying on task can be difficult, but it can be particularly challenging when you are surrounded by constant distraction. In today’s always-connected world, diversions are nothing more than a click away. Even during quiet moments, distraction is literally at your fingertips as you find yourself checking your Instagram notifications or the latest news updates. TheContinue reading “7 Useful Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus”

Self-Compassion Exercises to Boost Your Happiness

Most people think of self-compassion as being kind to yourself. Although that is certainly a part of the concept, self-compassion involves a way of relating to yourself in a way that allows you to become more emotionally flexible, able to navigate challenging emotions and enhance your connection to self and others. The ability to relateContinue reading “Self-Compassion Exercises to Boost Your Happiness”

Frugal Living Tips To Save A Ton Of Money

The word frugal is often misconstrued as a negative one. However, although a frugal lifestyle can seem like a sacrifice in quality, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you can choose to be frugal in ways that will add more value to your life. What Does Frugal Living Mean? Frugal living is the act ofContinue reading “Frugal Living Tips To Save A Ton Of Money”

Take Care Of Your Feet And They Will Carry You For Life

One secret for a longer, happier life is healthy feet. Well, it’s no secret, many people are unaware of how important our feet are! But many people don’t believe this is true because it sounds too simple. Our Feet are our foundation, we walk, we stand, we move because of our feet. Taking proper careContinue reading “Take Care Of Your Feet And They Will Carry You For Life”

9 Powerful Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds

Watching videos of centurions, you start to see a theme – they all seem content.  That might be shocking to younger people, especially anyone who fears old age. Perhaps we fear missing out on opportunities in life and worry that we’ll find ourselves too old to do things we enjoy or maybe we’re just soContinue reading “9 Powerful Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds”

Overcoming Disappointment with Emotional Intelligence

Most people focus on book smarts, but the most successful people face and learn from disappointment. One of the reasons someone with street smarts can become successful despite not having high book smarts is because they have high emotional intelligence, which in life is much more important than educational intelligence. “Education doesn’t teach you howContinue reading “Overcoming Disappointment with Emotional Intelligence”

10 Habits of Unhappy People and How to Break Them

We all experience days or times when we feel unhappy. Nobody can be entirely happy 100% of the time; it is perfectly normal to have ups and downs in life. Ideally, we should try to minimize those downtimes and try to feel happy as often as possible. It makes everything in our lives go moreContinue reading “10 Habits of Unhappy People and How to Break Them”

Skills That are Hard to Learn But Will Pay Off Forever

The act of learning is every bit as important as what you learn. Believing that you can improve yourself and do things in the future that are beyond your current possibilities is exciting and fulfilling. Still, your time is finite, and you should dedicate yourself to learning skills that will yield the greatest benefit. ThereContinue reading “Skills That are Hard to Learn But Will Pay Off Forever”

8 Rules to Do Everything Better

“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life,” writes Ray Dalio in his book, Principles. Dalio focuses on skills like decision-making, investing, and managing organizations. While reading through it, I became inspired to put together my own list of principles that I’ve devisedContinue reading “8 Rules to Do Everything Better”

These Benefits Of Walking Completely Blew My Mind — I Had No Idea!

From a very young age, I was taught that exercise is good for my health. This may seem pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean I always make exercise a priority. After all, going to the gym every day can be an extremely large commitment. We know exercise is good for the body, but did you know thatContinue reading “These Benefits Of Walking Completely Blew My Mind — I Had No Idea!”

You Only Live Up to the Standards You Set

Having high standards for yourself is very important. Having high personal standards will almost immediately force personal growth, and will help you live up to your potential day after day. It’s also really simple to execute: Be Ruthless With Yourself If you’re anything like me, although you enjoy improving yourself (mentally, physically, whatever), you probablyContinue reading “You Only Live Up to the Standards You Set”

Timeless Principles to Guide You to Your Best Life

How do you feel about your life today? Are you living every day in exuberance? Do you love what you’re doing? Are you excited every single moment? Are you looking forward to what’s coming up next? Are you living your best life? If your answer to any of the above is a no, maybe orContinue reading “Timeless Principles to Guide You to Your Best Life”

How to Know You Have High Self-Esteem: 10 Signs

Part of developing healthy self-esteem is making a commitment to yourself not to try to please the world. Someone has said that the one magic key to personal fulfillment may be forever elusive, but the sure key to failure is to try to please everyone. Rather than chasing temporary emotional rewards by playing games withContinue reading “How to Know You Have High Self-Esteem: 10 Signs”

9 Reasons Why Love Is So Powerful and Important to Human Life

There are many different types of love, romantic love, parental love, sibling love, it is the glue that holds us all together and makes life worth living.  Love is also about being loved so receiving love and giving it back.  Love is deemed by everyone to be one of the most important things in lifeContinue reading “9 Reasons Why Love Is So Powerful and Important to Human Life”

5 Self-Care Practices for Every Area of Your Life

All the stress relief activities in the world won’t help if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Meditation won’t do you any good if you aren’t getting adequate sleep. In fact, when you try to meditate, you might doze off because you aren’t taking care of your body’s need for sleep. Similarly, hitting the gymContinue reading “5 Self-Care Practices for Every Area of Your Life”

9 Ways to Instantly Strengthen Your Brain

Even though the brain is an organ, rather than a muscle, you can still give your brain a workout. Just as with a muscle, repetitive tasks can dull or even damage your mental acuity, while new challenges and activities can strengthen your brain and even make you measurably smarter. Get ready for your workout! 1.Continue reading “9 Ways to Instantly Strengthen Your Brain”

Financial Wellness: The Key to a Happier Life

Being stressed about finances is never a good thing. Financial wellness directly correlates to our overall well-being. Being over your head in debt, losing your job, or having to pay for a crippling unexpected expense, all can cause massive amounts of stress. That stress can have negative effects on your mental and physical health. FinancialContinue reading “Financial Wellness: The Key to a Happier Life”

Effective Stress Relievers for Your Life

From minor challenges to major crises, stress is part of life. And while you can’t always control your circumstances, you can control how you respond to them. When stress becomes overwhelming, or it’s chronic, it can take a toll on your well-being. That’s why it’s important to have effective stress relievers that can calm yourContinue reading “Effective Stress Relievers for Your Life”

What’s Your “Enough” Number?

We all have an “enough” number. That number defines the total income you need in order to meet your basic needs, reach your goals, and enjoy life. It’s key to define what your “enough” number is, and how that goal aligns with your personal and professional priorities. When you have financial goals that are actually tiedContinue reading “What’s Your “Enough” Number?”

How To Silence Negative Thinking

When life doesn’t go as planned or feels out of control, it’s tempting to fall into a downward spiral of negativity. Your mind goes into a tailspin of what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. Fear and worry take over. Constantly battling self-defeating thoughts is both draining and stressful. And think of the ways that energy would be betterContinue reading “How To Silence Negative Thinking”

Why Is It Important To Keep Fit?

It is very important to keep fit and stay healthy. A lot of people fail to acknowledge the numerous benefits of exercise routines and only begin to do so when health complications arise. Why then is it important to stay fit? 1. Burning of Excess Fat Regular exercises will help you burn excess body fatContinue reading “Why Is It Important To Keep Fit?”

How to Raise Financially Empowered Children

Do you ever catch yourself falling into negative financial habits that you learned from your parents? The truth is that the “money scripts” you use to make financial decisions as an adult are almost completely formed by age 7. So, some of the good and not-so-good habits you find yourself dealing with as an adultContinue reading “How to Raise Financially Empowered Children”

Don’t Believe Your Negative Thoughts

Do you spend most of your time alone creating scenarios in your head? Do you often find yourself daydreaming about things that will never happen? Are these thoughts negative most of the time and result in causing anxiety? Do you end up reliving your worst nightmares in your head every day? If so, it’s okay.Continue reading “Don’t Believe Your Negative Thoughts”

How to Manage Your Personal Finances Through Tough Times

Figuring out how to manage your personal finances is never easy. Most of us didn’t get a formal education in money, and even majoring in something like business or finance doesn’t help much when it comes to personal finance. If we learn anything, it usually comes from our parents — and that might not be a goodContinue reading “How to Manage Your Personal Finances Through Tough Times”

Healing Power and Properties of Water That You Need to Know

Water is easily influenced, it always adapts to the surrounding. Whether it’s in the form of ice, the shape of the glass, or the massive ocean. Water’s transforming power influences our spirits and energies. The world is made up of water and so is our very existence. Just like nature depends on rain, our bodyContinue reading “Healing Power and Properties of Water That You Need to Know”

7 Reasons Why Materialistic Stuff Doesn’t Lead To Happiness

Feeling down? More stuff isn’t the answer. If you want to be happy, spend on experiences (not things). Below are 7 reasons why materialism won’t lead to happiness. 1. The Excitement Will Wear Off New stuff provides instant gratification, sure, but life-long happiness? Not so much. Having the latest version of the iPhone might beContinue reading “7 Reasons Why Materialistic Stuff Doesn’t Lead To Happiness”

Mindless Habits That Are Wasting Your Money

“How did I spend so much?!” is a fairly common reaction to a monthly credit card bill. It’s usually followed by the realization that some things need to change. Cutting back on spending might involve big life changes, like moving to a less- expensive neighborhood or skipping out on an annual group vacation. But itContinue reading “Mindless Habits That Are Wasting Your Money”

Things That Are Actually Worth Storing Up

You don’t need a year’s supply of toilet paper to survive, but consider stocking up on these items. While it’s good to be prepared, you need to know what’s worth storing up in case you need to just spend more time at home. Here are Some of the Best Options if You’re Looking to StoreContinue reading “Things That Are Actually Worth Storing Up”

18 Mindset Hacks That Can Change Your Life Forever

Having a positive and successful mindset for many seems to be something very every day, but it is very difficult to do for others. But before you continue reading, stop for a moment and reflect on your day, how has it been? The first things that came to your mind were negative or positive things? If the answer toContinue reading “18 Mindset Hacks That Can Change Your Life Forever”

To Fight “Laziness,” Slow Down and Focus on Your Values

Instead of beating yourself up for being “lazy,” try reframing what “laziness” means. Devon Price, author of Laziness Does Not Exist, says that laziness is probably a sign you need to take a break, not work more. To stop feeling like you’re worth only your “hard work” — try the Values Clarification Exercise. Here’s howContinue reading “To Fight “Laziness,” Slow Down and Focus on Your Values”

Money Is a Tool- Stop Treating It as the Goal!

“I want more money.” “I need to save more money.” “I wish I had more money.” I hear these phrases all the time — and I’ve been guilty of saying them myself, too. While it’s natural to think this way about finances, doing so only creates more stress around money. Why? What’s wrong with “moreContinue reading “Money Is a Tool- Stop Treating It as the Goal!”

How to Survive an Economic Collapse

Thankfully, history can give us some advice here. The person who produces, whether that be food, shoes, holsters, or some other form of a tangible good, is the one who holds true wealth. They’re adding something to society, creating something that others need or want. In the same spirit, I would argue that the personContinue reading “How to Survive an Economic Collapse”

5 Daily Habits To Train Your Brain To Become a Learning Machine

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Learning doesn’t just end the moment you receive your formal degree — that’s when it starts. I find that the more I learn, the clearer my thinking gets, the more money I make, and the more fulfilled I am with my life.Continue reading “5 Daily Habits To Train Your Brain To Become a Learning Machine”

What are Forward Thinking Skills?

If in the past, you could feel safe with just your years of experience within companies, nowadays, you should know that you need to be continually learning and adapting. New technologies are advancing at an accelerated rate; people are living longer through their careers, several changes in the axis of economic power, new generations growingContinue reading “What are Forward Thinking Skills?”

7 Downsides of Hope

There’s good hope and bad hope. Here’s how it can be harmful and sabotage you. Throughout history, hope has been viewed favorably, as virtually essential to our welfare. True, many writers have inveighed against “false hope.” But it’s generally been perceived as a positive, almost essential, motivating force. And in any case, it seems inextricablyContinue reading “7 Downsides of Hope”

You’re a Bad Listener: Here’s How to Remember What People Say

We come into conversations with our own agendas and low attention spans, but if you want to build better relationships you need to master active listening. Listening is hard. We come into conversations with our own agendas and low attention spans, and that can be a dangerous combination. When you’re doing the talking, though, it’sContinue reading “You’re a Bad Listener: Here’s How to Remember What People Say”

How to Refocus the Wandering Mind? 6 Simple Ways

A wandering mind is a common and frustrating occurrence that leaves us unable to focus on the task or project at hand. Some different factors influence one’s cognitive functioning including the ability to concentrate. As a result, the overall productivity suffers, and stress levels increase. Although frustrating, the problem is entirely manageable. Simple lifestyle tweaksContinue reading “How to Refocus the Wandering Mind? 6 Simple Ways”

Habit Stacking: How To Train Your Brain With Routine

Habit stacking uses those strong connections to create new habits”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle Nice words from the old guy, but try putting that into practice at 8am when you’re hitting snooze or watching the lashing rain from your desk at 5pm andContinue reading “Habit Stacking: How To Train Your Brain With Routine”

10 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Stuck

You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the old one. We all feel stuck at one time or another–in a bad relationship, in the wrong job, in business, or just generally in life. Whatever the situation, feeling stuck doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. We may lose trackContinue reading “10 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Stuck”

How to Form a Healthy Habit (Does It Really Take 21 Days?)

Most of us have a long list of healthy habits we’re trying to form. Eating more vegetables, hitting the hay earlier, meditating more — you get the picture. While you might have good intentions, building a healthy habit can be hard. Ask anyone who’s tried — and failed — to stick to a New Year’sContinue reading “How to Form a Healthy Habit (Does It Really Take 21 Days?)”

Ways to Improve Your Brain Fitness

Brain fitness has basic principles: variety and curiosity. When anything you do becomes second nature, you need to make a change. If you can do the crossword puzzle in your sleep, it’s time for you to move on to a new challenge in order to get the best workout for your brain. Curiosity about the worldContinue reading “Ways to Improve Your Brain Fitness”