5 Career Goals to Set for the New Year

A New Year always brings a new mindset. Though instead of waiting to make your new year’s resolutions, take this time to set your career goals now, so they can be reaped in the New Year. The cool thing about career goals is you can make and change them whenever you want! Give yourself permissionContinue reading “5 Career Goals to Set for the New Year”

5 Ways Gratitude Can Make for a Richer Life

If you practice gratitude on a regular basis, then you know that things will always be okay. No matter how bad something is, there’s this light at the end of the tunnel. You appreciate the good times, you learn from the bad times, and you stay humble. It’s a magical thing. If you don’t practiceContinue reading “5 Ways Gratitude Can Make for a Richer Life”

Reacting Vs Responding: How To Respond Not React

When was the last time you reacted instantly in a difficult situation and immediately regretted what you said or did? If you’re like most of us, something probably comes to mind right away. If you’d like to learn how to stop this practice and instead learn how to respond not react, you’ve come to theContinue reading “Reacting Vs Responding: How To Respond Not React”

10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

We all possess it, and it is a well-researched phenomenon revealing that our brains can pick up on patterns and respond to them in a nanosecond in the form of intuitive insights. Why should we care about intuition? What makes it so valuable that it merits scientific study and competes with our analytical brains forContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition”

Why Talking to Strangers Can Make Us Smarter

“How many social or economic opportunities do we miss by simply being afraid of strangers?” Stolle wondered. As adults, we should think again about the benefits of safely speaking to strangers. In a suspicious world, many of us are reluctant to interact with strangers. But talking to people we’ve never met before, even in passingContinue reading “Why Talking to Strangers Can Make Us Smarter”

How Positive Self-Talk Can Make You Feel Better and Be More Productive

You can do it. You’re strong. You’ve got this. Those are the kinds of encouraging words we extend to friends, colleagues, and family members when they’re experiencing self-doubt. When facing our own challenges, the inner dialogue is often very different. I’m a terrible public speaker. I take too long to write these reports. Everyone inContinue reading “How Positive Self-Talk Can Make You Feel Better and Be More Productive”

What Is Toxic Positivity?

“Think positively!” is something we’ve all heard, and while it can be useful to think positive thoughts, where appropriate, there is a side to thinking positively that enters the realm of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity is a theory that means ignoring negative feelings and covering negative feelings with positive thoughts. For example, if your petContinue reading “What Is Toxic Positivity?”

Life-Changing Micro Habits That Require Only A Few Minutes

When people strive for self-improvement, a common mistake is to shoot too high. We make promises to be healthier, more mindful, and more patient. But such lofty goals often go unmet. They’re just too vague, or too hard to track. Even when a goal is more concrete (“I want to run a half marathon”; “IContinue reading “Life-Changing Micro Habits That Require Only A Few Minutes”

Thought Exercises to Boost Your Mental Health

Negative thoughts and patterns of thinking can influence everything from your emotions all the way to your actions. When you’re in a pattern of negativity, it feels like there’s no way out. That’s where thought exercises come in. These simple-to-do exercises can help you see things in a new light, and change how much powerContinue reading “Thought Exercises to Boost Your Mental Health”

Are You Wasting Your Talent? It’s Time to Stop and Reflect.

“I don’t have time for it”. A convenient excuse if ever there was one. It’s an excuse that prevents people from exercising regularly, reading books, doing shadow work — you know, things that are said to improve our lives. If you consider yourself ambitious and talented, then it’s a great time to reflect on whetherContinue reading “Are You Wasting Your Talent? It’s Time to Stop and Reflect.”

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life in One Week

In today’s competitive and fast-paced life, self-improvement and self-betterment is not an option but a necessity. No wonder most people want to improve their lives and make them less burdensome and more fulfilling. People who succeed in bringing out the best in themselves and excel in their area or field are the ones who carveContinue reading “7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life in One Week”

Communication Pitfalls That are Preventing People From Really Hearing What You’re Trying to Say

If you’re a socially conscious person in today’s age of outrage, you’ve likely experienced the bewildering sensation when a conversation that was once harmless, suddenly doesn’t feel that way anymore. Perhaps you’re out for a quick bite with family, friends, or coworkers when the conversation takes a turn. Someone’s said something that doesn’t sit rightContinue reading “Communication Pitfalls That are Preventing People From Really Hearing What You’re Trying to Say”

Is Time Worth More Than Money?

Time. Most of us never seem to have enough, and we’re spending a good chunk of it earning money. It stands to reason that time is money, and the more time we have, the more money we can make. But are we looking at this the wrong way? Is time the real treasure here, andContinue reading “Is Time Worth More Than Money?”

What Does it Mean to Do Your Inner Work?

Have you ever noticed how we’ll sometimes do anything, no matter how absurd or self-destructive, to avoid doing our inner work? Almost as if a part of ourselves is longing to wake up, heal and be free … while another part actively tries to protect us from feeling any pain or discomfort – no matterContinue reading “What Does it Mean to Do Your Inner Work?”

Practical Steps To Make Today A Good Day

What if you can make today a good day? And every day after? In this fast-paced, goal-oriented world we live in, many people wake up expecting to just get through the day. Having a good day is an afterthought that can wait for the weekend or after a project is done. I don’t think that’sContinue reading “Practical Steps To Make Today A Good Day”

Hacks to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions on a daily basis? Do you want more for your life but feel like you have no direction on where to start? I wish there was something given to us at birth that tells us what our mission on this earth is. Gosh, things wouldContinue reading “Hacks to Finding Your Life’s Purpose”

4 Reasons Why Intuition Can Be More Powerful than Intellect

Do you find yourself mulling over data, numbers, facts, and figures day in and day out? Do you STILL find yourself making the wrong decisions with your business and personal life? Are you indecisive and agonizing for hours, days, or even weeks about every business decision? Have you lost sight of your business goals andContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Intuition Can Be More Powerful than Intellect”

Self-Care and Mental Health: Easy Ways to Be Kinder to Your Body and Mind

You’ve probably seen the words self-love, self-care, or self-compassion being thrown around social media before, but knowing what they mean – and actually putting them into practice – is an entirely different story. In short, practicing self-kindness simply means treating yourself how you would a close friend or family member who you love and respect.Continue reading “Self-Care and Mental Health: Easy Ways to Be Kinder to Your Body and Mind”

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (in Simple Steps)

In the warmth of our comfort zone, life feels safe and familiar. More often than we care to admit, finding the motivation to leave is hard. But the more we’re stuck in our comfort zone, the more opportunities we miss to fully immerse ourselves in the human experience. Learning how to get out of your comfortContinue reading “How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (in Simple Steps)”

The 52-Week Money Challenge: The Easiest Way To Save

This is by no means an advanced money concept. Still, I think it’s a good thing for anyone to do, no matter where you are in your financial journey. We all should have some money set aside for emergencies. And the 52 Week Money Challenge is an easy way to keep that emergency fund toppedContinue reading “The 52-Week Money Challenge: The Easiest Way To Save”

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

There’s an old allegory about a baby elephant that is tied to a fence post. As the baby elephant tugs and pulls, it fails to break the fence or break the rope. Eventually, it gives up and makes peace with its fate. The baby elephant is stuck. Eventually, the elephant grows up and becomes aContinue reading “How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs”

How to Get Comfortable With Uncertainty and Change

Uncertainty arises when we’re in new situations, like a move or a new job, or when we’re in unpredictable conditions—like a job interview, a medical test, an injury, or the possibility of layoffs at work. Because our brains are future-predicting machines, it’s natural to want to avoid ambiguity. “As human beings, we crave security, andContinue reading “How to Get Comfortable With Uncertainty and Change”

Why You Need to Protect Your Sense of Wonder — Especially Now

Do you remember the sense of wonder that came so naturally to you as a child? When everything from the stars in the night sky to an empty cardboard box could fire your imagination and make you feel alive? As you grow, if you’re lucky, you maintain this capacity for wonder and the desire toContinue reading “Why You Need to Protect Your Sense of Wonder — Especially Now”

Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself in Action

The most important decision of your life that will affect every other decision you make is the commitment to love and accept yourself. It directly affects the quality of your relationships, work, free time, and future. Why, then, is this so difficult to do? We’re taught by society that our worth is found in theContinue reading “Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself in Action”

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser (12 Simple Ways)

There is a thin line between trying to keep the peace and being a full-blown people pleaser. You see, people-pleasers tend to go out of their way to keep everyone placated. There is no way you can completely wholly win approval from humans. In fact, pleasing one person could directly displeasure the next. I knowContinue reading “How to Stop Being a People Pleaser (12 Simple Ways)”

6 Fun Games To Help Improve Your Mind’s Health

You work out and eat well to keep your body fit, prioritize sleep and drink lots of water to stay hydrated, but what are you doing to keep your mind healthy? As we age, our brains begin to change, and taking proactive steps to keep them healthy is the best way to avoid complications likeContinue reading “6 Fun Games To Help Improve Your Mind’s Health”

How to Stop Running from, Neglecting, and Betraying Yourself

Much of the difficulty and struggle that we go through in life comes from our resistance to change. At some point, we get stuck in painful circumstances, yet we fear facing our reality and doing the work required to ignite a positive change. After all, the enemy we know is better than the enemy weContinue reading “How to Stop Running from, Neglecting, and Betraying Yourself”

Kicking Your Brain Into Shape. The Amazing Benefits of Creativity Expression on Our Cranium

As we get older, we can find that our brain gradually starts to take that slippery slope downwards. But the fact is that while it may be more difficult for us to kick our brain into shape as we age, there are practices that we can all benefit from, but it’s just about having theContinue reading “Kicking Your Brain Into Shape. The Amazing Benefits of Creativity Expression on Our Cranium”

5 Traits of Disciplined Thinking and How to Achieve Them

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘disciplined thinking’? What is the first thing you note on hearing this phrase? Disciplined thinking is not a big word that we are not familiar with. We don’t pay proper attention to it. First of all, we need to understand the terms that form thatContinue reading “5 Traits of Disciplined Thinking and How to Achieve Them”

Stealth Wealth: How To Leverage Secrets Of The Truly Wealthy

Do you know someone who takes the bus to work, makes their own lunches, and never takes luxurious vacations? Or perhaps you have a neighbor who lives in a modest house, drives an old car, and cuts their own grass? All of us know people like this, and we might even be people like thisContinue reading “Stealth Wealth: How To Leverage Secrets Of The Truly Wealthy”

How to Get Out of Debt in Easy Steps

A change in the calendar often brings a desire to make an adjustment to your lifestyle. If you’re in debt, your finances might be a good place to make that adjustment. Getting out of debt is a common goal. Many people don’t achieve it. You can be one of those who do, but you’ll needContinue reading “How to Get Out of Debt in Easy Steps”

Strategies to Disrupt Yourself for Greater Success in Changing Times

Companies do not disrupt, people do. You drive corporate innovation and disruption through personal innovation and disruption. So how do you disrupt yourself? Here are strategies to disrupt yourself for greater success in changing times.  1. LOVE YOURSELF This might be the hardest thing to do for many of us, but it is a gameContinue reading “Strategies to Disrupt Yourself for Greater Success in Changing Times”

How to Heal From Past Relationships

Forcing yourself to forget about painful past experiences is impossible. But holding onto negative feelings from past relationships can hurt your present and your future. While it’s completely normal (and healthy) to grieve failed relationships for a time, dwelling on anger, resentment, and regret long-term can cause harm and prevent you from healing – orContinue reading “How to Heal From Past Relationships”

How to Practice Self-Compassion and Tame Your Inner Critic

We know the voice all too well, the critical subtitle to our every action as we go about our day: “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” “You’re failing, big time,” or “Pull yourself together.” Sometimes, there are moments when we become acutely aware of how we speak to ourselves. But other times, the practice ofContinue reading “How to Practice Self-Compassion and Tame Your Inner Critic”

How to Be Confident: 8 Tips for Building Confidence

Confidence can feel elusive for those plagued by self-doubt; though this sort of self-assurance might come naturally to some, it’s a learnable trait for those who want to grow their confidence. Learn how to be more confident. Confidence means having a positive self-image and a healthy sense of self-worth. In practice, this can mean feelingContinue reading “How to Be Confident: 8 Tips for Building Confidence”

Ways to Practice Financial Self-Care

Self-care has become one of those buzzworthy phrases, and you also know what self-care entails, right? What about our financial self-care routines? Taking care of ourselves financially shows we care about our financial future by making peace with our past money mistakes and learning to make better choices. Keep reading for ways to practice financialContinue reading “Ways to Practice Financial Self-Care”

Mindfulness Tips For A Healthy And Happy Relationship

Mindfulness helps you bring awareness to your life, and one of the best ways to do that is to apply these tips to your marriage. Think about how busy your life is. Between work, kids, and other obligations, it’s easy to let your marriage slip into autopilot. When you’re just going through the motions, you’reContinue reading “Mindfulness Tips For A Healthy And Happy Relationship”

How to Teach Your Children About Self Care

Self-care has become an expected phrase in everyday conversation and for good reason: Our lives are becoming even more busy and complicated by screens and social media and bogged down by a lot of life responsibilities. Because of that, self-care has become more and more important. But what about our kids? As we think aboutContinue reading “How to Teach Your Children About Self Care”

Four Ways to Cool Down Your Defensiveness

Our brains make us naturally defensive, but there are steps we can take to cultivate more humility. Humility is an underrated but highly important human virtue. People prefer a partner or friend who is humble, partly because it signals trust and dependability. To make progress intellectually as a society or as individuals, we have toContinue reading “Four Ways to Cool Down Your Defensiveness”

What is Shadow Work? How This Practice Can Change Your Life

The “shadow self” is the parts of ourselves that have been pushed down to the unconscious — the parts that we’re insecure about, ashamed of, or frustrated with and therefore repressed. The concept of the shadow self is based on the notion that we figuratively bury those pieces of personality that we fear would notContinue reading “What is Shadow Work? How This Practice Can Change Your Life”

Why Personal Boundaries are Important and How to Set Them

Personal boundaries are the guidelines, rules, or limits that we create to identify reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for other people to behave towards us. Also, it is about how we respond when someone steps over those boundaries and the consequences of their actions that we impose. We build these boundaries out of a mixContinue reading “Why Personal Boundaries are Important and How to Set Them”

How to Avoid Burnout and Improve Your Well-Being

Learning how to avoid burnout is essential for anyone. This often happens when we have more work or a routine that feels the same each day. The feelings of exhaustion and frustration that follow are typical of burnout. When you begin to experience burnout, it can make you avoid things, question the value of yourContinue reading “How to Avoid Burnout and Improve Your Well-Being”

How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Path?

Asking this question can send us into a knee-bending spiral of nail-biting, insomnia-inducing confusion. Been there? I know I have! Your head and heart ask: How do I know for sure this is the right dream, career choice, or partner for me? Yet, knowing we are on the right path is not nearly as hardContinue reading “How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Path?”

6 Ways to Connect With Who You Really Are – And What You Really Want

It’s easier than ever to get lost in the day-to-day activities and stresses of the external world. Work, relationships, errands – our focus is almost always on anything and anyone but ourselves. For so many of us, it’s a constant effort to please others or be who we think we have to be in orderContinue reading “6 Ways to Connect With Who You Really Are – And What You Really Want”

10 Important Life Lessons We Are Often Taught Too Late

Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout our lives we keep rising and falling, picking up important lessons along the way. Some of these lessons come from experience, yet there are others that we learn by watching others or reading books for example. No matter how much we learn from books there is a significantContinue reading “10 Important Life Lessons We Are Often Taught Too Late”

How to Forgive Yourself

Finding peace within yourselves is easier said than done. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of or wished our actions led to different outcomes. To make things even more complicated, forgiveness, even of one’s self, doesn’t happen overnight. “Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to have feelings such as guilt orContinue reading “How to Forgive Yourself”

99+ Thought Provoking Questions to Ask & Answer Today (Part 3)

What are thought-provoking questions? The meaning of these questions is to get you to think deeply about your answers and their effects on your life. Thought-provoking questions help you become more self-reflective, improving your life in multiple areas. It’s probably best to write your answers down so you can look back on them later andContinue reading “99+ Thought Provoking Questions to Ask & Answer Today (Part 3)”

Ways to Actively Take Care of Your Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health can be difficult. The stresses and responsibilities of day-to-day life can get in the way of taking care of yourself. Here are ways that you can actively work on your mental health and take control of your overall wellness. 1. Evaluate Your Situation Taking care of your mental healthContinue reading “Ways to Actively Take Care of Your Mental Health”