25 Bad Habits You Need to Quit Right Now- Part 1

Putting yourself down because you have become prey to bad habits is not a good thing to do. Everyone in their life falls prey to these habits. However, the person who can accept this mistake and break bad habits emerges as the winner in real life. When you look at your lifestyle, you realize how easy it is to fall prey to a list of bad habits. The difficult part is breaking bad habits and making yourself free from them. The habit of biting your nails or restlessly playing with your hair may sound harmless at first, but these habits become hard to break in the long run. Along with these, certain bad habits are dreadful for your health, like smoking and drinking.

These two habits can lead to cancer and lung disease. The best resort in such a situation is to break these bad habits by following a good routine life. In this article, we have highlighted some bad habits that you need to quit right away! We’ve broken the list up into two parts to marinate on these as they are things we really need to pay attention to.

Bad Habits to Quit Right Away

Like I said earlier, bad habits become a part of our life due to the lifestyle we adopt. But, before we take the necessary steps to break these bad habits, the most important thing is to understand which ones are terrible for your life. Let us look at some of these habits below:

1. Being Late

Certain people tend to be late on every occasion. This tendency can have dreadful effects on your life. The very first thing is it can make you a compulsory procrastinator. People never take your word for granted and expect you never to be on time. This may make them feel that you are not a dependable person. Also, being late can be detrimental for you as you have created this bad habit of never being on time which can make your life difficult when you wish to arrive at a certain place on time. The best way to break this bad habit is to realize the importance of time.

2. Being Too Hard on Yourself

There will be times when you just can’t complete your work in a timely fashion. It could be because of work, family, or another kind of emergency. If this is the case, don’t harp on the situation. Sometimes that’s just how things go. So, what can you do? Get yourself refocused. Pick up where you last left off and continue on with your work. Complaining won’t get things done.

3. Being with People Who Don’t Appreciate You

The human mind is such that it longs for people who appreciate you. If you are in the company of people who do not appreciate you, it can worsen your life. This is such a bad habit that can make you underestimate yourself and do things much lower than your potential. The best thing to counter this bad habit is by making friends with people who appreciate you for who you are. Look out for people who provide sincere compliments and help you become a better person. This is a must to break this bad habit of polluting your brain.

4. Leaving Things to the Last Minute

This is a bad habit even worse than procrastination as you find it fascinating to do things at the last minute. The reason is that it gives you the adrenaline rush. This is a very bad habit which can make you lose everything you have got, including your family and friends. Even though you might feel excited doing everything at the last minute, it can irritate your near and dear ones. The best way to break this bad habit is by ensuring that you start working on tasks beforehand by preplanning.

5. Focusing on the Negatives

People who have the habit of concentrating only on the negative end up facing only negative circumstances in their life. This is a never-ending circle of bad habits. The more you try to end this bad habit, the more you get drenched in it. The best thing that you can ever do to break this bad habit is by counting your blessing instead of the negative things happening in your life. This way, you can look at the positive, and eventually, this bad habit of focusing on the negatives will go away.

6. Multitasking

Working on a report, surfing the ‘net, talking on the phone with your client, and texting your boss…task overload! Stop trying to do so many different things at once. You’ll get your work done faster if you do things one at a time, carefully. If you’re afraid you’ll forget what you need to do, jot down a mini to-do list on a sticky note to get the tasks out of your head. Then, it’s time to get to work.

7. Loafing

One of the hardest, and the most obvious, parts of achieving success is the actual work. Procrastinating, making excuses, or tricking yourself into loafing is just going to cement the fact that nothing will ever get done. It might not sound pretty, or even too easy, but the easiest way to get to success is to just jump in and get going.

8. Blaming

“It’s not my fault I’m not successful. The industry is bad, I don’t have the money, etc.” When it comes down to it, however, who is the one responsible for their success? Themselves. This is the day and age where people are launching successful start-ups in a few months, getting published online, and finding their way to success one way or another. Some things might be out of their control, but blaming others is just going to waste the energy and time they need to get going.

9. Sour Grapes

Being envious of the success of others is almost as bad as blaming them. All the time and energy you could be putting into your own goals is going towards a person who more than likely has done nothing but shows you that the goal is attainable. You don’t have to be applauding their success, but being envious and sour about it is a waste of time–let it roll off your shoulders and dig down towards accomplishing goals.

10. Minimizing Others’ Success

Again, you don’t have to be cheering and raving about the success of others, but minimizing others’ accomplishments looks bad on you and on your own goals. If you attained success, would you want others rolling their eyes and treating it like it is not a big deal in the slightest? I highly doubt it. “So they climbed Mount Everest, big whoop. Plenty of people have done it before.” Have they?

11. Making Assumptions

You know what they say about the word ‘assume’, it makes an (inappropriate word I’ll leave out of this article) out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. Unsuccessful people are the best at making assumptions without considering other outlets or opportunities. Missed chance after missed chance can put anyone behind, or completely ruin something that they poured a lot of hard work into. People are often surprised at what happens if they take a chance instead of listening to that little pessimist inside their heads. ‘Never assume’ is good advice and it is a mindset they should get out of as quickly as possible.

12. Spending Your Entire Day Planning

Do you stare at your schedule, thinking about how best to use every last minute of your day? Do you spend hours upon hours adjusting project spreadsheets and Gantt charts? While planning is an important part of work, it’s not the only part. You also have to take action and actually do those things you’ve so carefully planned! Lay the plans aside and get to work.

13. Sitting at Your Desk For Hours on End

Quick, when was the last time you left your desk for a break? Sorry, restroom breaks and getting a stack of printouts from the photocopier don’t count! You need to take regular, non-work breaks. Give your eyes a break from staring at the computer screen or slaving over your workstation. Get up, do some light stretches and go outside for a quick walk. The change of scenery and fresh air will help to refresh your mind and body.

Bad habits are hard to break. But, if you try to concentrate on the good habits, these bad habits will subside, and you will end up free from the vicious circle that contains a list of bad habits.

Article Credit: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/bad-habits-quit.html

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