Did You Know That You Have a Non-Biological ‘Twin’?

Are you aware that there are actually two of you right now? Well, there is, and your ‘other half has been with you since birth. So come and meet your strawman. In fact, learn how to take back and control your strawman. It’s tough to think you could possibly have a non-biological ‘twin’, but you have. One is you, the human being reading this, then there is your strawman. You are alive and made of flesh and blood and a few other chemicals, of course. Your strawman is your legal fiction which is also a corporation. In other words, you are a living human being while your straw man is an artificial entity. All interactions with governments and banks, for example, are through your strawman. This is because the system is mostly operating under Admiralty Law (Law of the Sea). This type of law is for commerce and commerce largely deals through corporations.

We are basically subjugated within a society that we did not consent to join. So, once you understand that you are in a cage, you need to know how to escape from it.

Birth Certificate

Shortly after you were born, your mother or father went to register you. In return, they got a birth certificate. But, you can’t use this for identification purposes, it tells you. Indeed, this birth certificate is your strawman. However, you don’t own your birth certificate because it is Crown Copyright! So, what use is a birth certificate when it is crown copyright and can’t use it to identify yourself? In effect, it’s just a piece of paper that tells you that you have a strawman. You never gave your consent to having a strawman because you had no ability to comprehend things. However, try getting rid of your strawman, it’s almost impossible.

As with everything you register, you are giving the title away. So, your parents inadvertently gave you away. This is why the social services can take your children away because they are not yours. Obviously, you should be good parents, that goes without saying. But what exactly is a good parent anyway? Indeed, it was your parents that gave you away, However, they didn’t know what was going on and that it was all a trick. Of course, they did it under a threat too. This is because they knew that the state would fine them if they didn’t go along with the system. In effect, your parents created a company in your name upon registration, then gave both ownership of the company and you to the state.

Your Name?

Your name is basically something that your parents gave you, again you had no say in this. It is basically a means of grabbing your attention, nothing more and nothing less. However, you can assume any name you like when you are old enough. So, upon registration, your parents created the two of you. Of course, you are born free and can do what pleases you as long as you don’t break the Common Law. But, your strawman ensures your connection to the system or society if you like. Just remember that it is your name they are dealing with, not you. In fact, it’s their name as it is Crown copyright! Your strawman’s name (your corporation) will always be in capital letters. Indeed, check out your local cemetery, all the names of the deceased are in capital letters too. This is because when you die, your corporation dies with you.

Strawman Benefits

If you never get a job or become jobless, the system could help you. This is because there are benefits available to ensure you have a roof over your head and have enough sustenance. However, they don’t lose out as they can draw on the bond which is in your name that they don’t tell you about. In fact, you are worth quite a bit to them, but they will want more throughout your life. Since you can attach yourself to your strawman when you like, then make sure you benefit from it.

Control Your Strawman

Using your name is optional, in fact, everything in life is optional. But, they will make you believe that it is mandatory. So, you should only connect with your name when it benefits you. For example, the police (another corporation) can only work around your name. However, learn the Three Golden Rules when dealing with the police here.


Your corporation (strawman or your nonbiological twin) is making contracts with other corporations all the time. In fact, the government will only deal with your corporation and not your living person. This is because Admiralty Law is all about commerce and nothing else. So, what they have done over time is to turn Admiralty Law into what most of us call The Law when it’s not. In essence, it is your corporation dealing with other corporations and you are the living human being driving that mechanism. So, considering that Admiralty Law is Contractual Law, it is all about consent. You now have the option to give your consent or not and you only should do so when it benefits you.

To Sum Up

You are a living human being of flesh and blood but you are NOT your name. Indeed, your parents gave the name away and the Crown owns it now, together with your company (Straw Man). In order to understand how and when to use your name, read about Law, Police Courts, etc.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia – ‘There are two kinds of legal entities, human and non-human: natural persons (also called physical persons) and juridical persons (also called juridic, juristic, artificial, legal, or fictitious persons), which are other entities (such as corporations) that are treated in law as if they were persons.’

Article Credit: https://www.freemanmovement.com/meet-your-strawman/

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