How To Maintain Your Strands & Stay Fit

Have you ever gone easy during a workout or skipped it altogether in order to keep your hairstyle intact? Don’t be ashamed if you answered yes – many find it difficult to stay fit AND maintain their strands. But don’t let that stop your fitness journey!

Here are 4 Design Essential Tips on how to keep your hair together while getting your body together:

1. Wear Hair in a Loose Ponytail or Bun

If you literally work up a sweat when exercising, then we recommend wearing your strands in a loose ponytail during workouts. Rocking a high or low ponytail that isn’t secured too tightly allows airflow to the scalp, which will naturally help to dry perspiration and prevent swelling at the roots. 

If your ponytail drapes longer than your nape area, opt for a loose bun to protect the ends from touching any sweat lingering on your neck, shoulders, or body. When your workout is complete, immediately remove the ponytail/bun to eliminate any crease in the hair.

2. Reduce Moisture Around the Hairline

The chances of sweating out your edges while exercising can be reduced when you invest in a quality sports headband. We’ve heard great things about workout headbands, guaranteed to protect any hairstyle from sweat and moisture. Workout headbands are a blend of 3 fabrics scientifically designed to actually wick sweat away from the head to keep you cool, dry, and protected. You can find them almost anywhere, try them out!

3. Refresh Hair Promptly After the Workout

Hair has great formation memory. Therefore, to avoid “gym hair” we highly recommend refreshing your ‘do promptly after your cool down. Start by drying any excess moisture at the scalp and on the hair to absorb and remove oil, sweat, and odor.

4. Schedule Workouts Accordingly

Let’s be realistic – there will be times when you need your hair to look its best. So, we suggest coordinating your workout schedule around your personal commitments. For instance, if you’re giving a work presentation Monday morning – move your workout to the evening. Blind date on Saturday night? Plan to exercise on Friday, rest Saturday, and get back at it on Sunday…You get the idea! 

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