5 Ways to Declutter Your Soul and Clear Your Mind

The world might be more organized and streamlined now with the introduction of digital technology and all its benefits. But, it has also become more chaotic for much the same reason—digital technology. Debatably, intrusive adverts are thrown at us at every turn, and this helps trigger anxiety, depression, and digital addiction in many people, leading to soul clutter. This part of our lives—may be invisible, but how we tend to it determines our happiness and productivity. Thankfully, decluttering one’s soul is not a complex matter. It is, in fact, an enjoyable and rewarding exercise.

Steps to Declutter the Soul

1. If it Happened in the Past and Makes you Feel Bad, You Should Leave it in the Past:

Try not to take hurtful memories into your present by remembering and reliving them. Learn what you can from heartbreaks, betrayals, losses, and personal mistakes, but there is no point in giving these painful memories power over your present choices. If you must remember anything, let it be these two common facts:

  • There is no way to rewrite the past. If it happened, then you must learn to live with that reality.
  • Whatever happened in your past, for good or bad, does not define you. What truly matters are the lessons you learned from them and the choices you make in the present.

This attitude frees you up to trust yourself and take smart chances.

2. Expectations Often Yield Frustration and Disillusionment:

This is not to mean you must live as a pessimist. However, do not expect rewards or reciprocation when you do a good deed. Do not expect the people in your life will act in a certain way towards you. It is also important that you give yourself the same grace. You are only human, and it is normal that you procrastinate and do not meet some or any of your goals. Accept everyone in your life, yourself included. You can, of course, work on self-improvement. But comparing yourself to those you perceive as more successful can only be detrimental. Extend this to the situations and relationships in which you find yourself. Neither apportions blame nor judgment to anyone. It is much better to accept all of life with a smile.

3. Protect your Mental and Emotional Space from Being Bombarded by Too Much Information:

You will find, in this article, the various ways you can control the information you are presented with daily. It is important that you consciously manage your time spent with digital devices, such as watching the television and consuming other mediums of entertainment and information.

4. Overthinking Can be Injurious:

While the point above advises you to control how much information you receive, you are now reminded that a large number of things will remain outside your control. Among these are the ways certain choices will impact your future, what people think about you, and how they will react in any situation. If you always give your best and never deliberately try to hurt anyone, then you needn’t overthink anything. Be prepared, of course, but accept that you cannot control everything.

5. Find Solitude and Support:

People often try to make a case for one or the other. In truth, human beings need both to survive and thrive. You should take some time away to be alone and relish your company. But it is equally as important to connect with people and build existing relationships. Finding this balance will solve much of the soul clutter you are currently experiencing.

In Summary

You wouldn’t have bothered with this article if you didn’t understand that the state of your soul is just as important as your finances and physical health. So, well done for that! After successfully decluttering, you will have the responsibility of making sure that your soul, mental, physical, and digital space remains clear and free. This is no easy task, of course, and one is unable to predict how well a particular individual might maintain a decluttered space.

To give yourself a better chance at this, you should constantly remind yourself about how you felt before and after you cleared out the clutter. How uplifting was the process, and how motivated and inspired were you after? If you are determined to maintain these positive emotions, then you stand the best chance of staying decluttered.

Article Credit: https://www.shapeyourhappiness.com/5-ways-to-declutter-your-soul-and-clear-your-mind/

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Declutter Your Soul and Clear Your Mind

  1. I spent the time to read this because I just recently figured the decluttering. Yesterday, went for a walk/run in my neighborhood and I have come to a conclusion about how much I am holding on to the past hurtful memories and reliving them actually makes my life more chaotic. “There is no way to rewrite the past. If it happened, then you must learn to live with that reality.” This is so true, and I’ve come across this a long time ago and I guess being hurt or like feeling so depressed is just so addictive if it had become a pattern, and because it is so, sometimes, we all just need a reminder of this from time to time. Thank you for this. Having read this today is like a reinforcement of what I had decided yesterday 🙂


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