Top 10 Reasons Why You Deserve Better

Sometimes, we just allow people to rub anything on us because we don’t know our worth. They tell us we can’t go any higher than we are currently and we believe them. In fact, some have turned our rights into privileges for which they can decide to either give or take away from us. In short, they make us believe we deserve no better experience than we’re currently having. But you know what? Nothing can be farther from the truth than to say you don’t deserve better. Of course, you do. The fact that you have been accepting what life has been offering should not make you feel content with the average. There are 10 reasons you deserve better than you currently get from your friends, your job, and your overall life in general. You’ll aim for something better when you truly believe that you are worthy of both love and happiness.

The 10 points discussed here will bring forth why you actually deserve better!

1. You’ve Got Only One Life To Live

If you’ve got only one chance at something, shouldn’t that thing be treated well? We get just one short life and we can’t allow our only chance at life to be used for something not worthwhile. While you’re still breathing, you deserve the best of whatever life has to offer because once you’re gone, there’s no second chance.

2. Putting In Efforts

Whoever is taking your time, money, and intellect ought to treat you better in return. It’s not possible to be in a relationship without giving these things away but as human beings, we deserve something in return as well. Why would someone make you feel as though you don’t deserve anything better than you’re getting and why would you believe them? The same goes for your job. You give your all to ensure your employer makes a profit even sometimes to your own detriment. These efforts of yours make you deserve the best and not just something better.

3. Someone Is Looking Up To You

Realize one thing quickly: You’re a secret mentor to someone and this someone is watching each of your steps in life. They’ll see your results and hence, form opinions as a result of that of what they see you do. If you now live with the thought that you don’t deserve better what you may not realize is that you’re misleading someone that way. You are equally making such person(s) feel they too don’t deserve something better.

4. Another Reason You Deserve Better Is That You’re Special!

Every human being (yourself included) is special and no amount of money can purchase a soul. As human beings, we’re priceless. So, if you’re this significant, why do you want someone to keep giving you hell when you can get a treat instead. Why settle for something or someone good when better is available? Honestly speaking, if you don’t know you’re special, you have just been told just how very important you truly are. Consider how people who believe they’re special in our society carry themselves. They don’t accept horrible treatment from anyone. You’ve got to give them the best or don’t bother giving them anything at all. You aren’t just anyone, you’re a human being of inestimable value.

5. You Deserve Better Since You’re Not Settling For Less

There is no other person on the planet like you, and there will never be another like you. Not now, not every. No one else deserves the honor that you deserve except you. For every human being who would refuse to settle for less, there is always something better as a reward. That’s one of the essences of life. And since you’re not settling for less, who says you don’t deserve something better? You should not spend the bulk of your time with someone who would make you look down on yourself or believe less in yourself. Rather, mingle with individuals of right and positive thinking who would inspire you to be the best that you can be.

6. Someone, Somewhere is Dying To Have You

While you’re feeling dejected because someone is refusing to accord you with their honor and respect, do you know that someone is literally dying somewhere for your attention so they can make you feel important as you truly are? To be sincere with you, you’re insulting that other person when you allow your current partner to make you feel as though you don’t deserve more than you’re getting. You cannot do any greater injustice to mankind than believing this.

7. You’ve have Potential

You have talents that are of inestimable value. There’s probably nothing that qualifies anyone for something better in life that you don’t possess. The world is no less in need of your potential as it does with those it’s treating better than you. So, what makes you different? The enormous potential that nature has deposited in you, but bears testimony to the fact that indeed, you deserve better than you’re currently getting.

8. You’re Not a Second-Class Human Being

To accept that you don’t deserve any better than you’re getting is to believe that you are not as worthy as others are. What can be more demeaning than that – for a person to relegate him/herself to an animal or something less? That’s what those who make you feel bad are indirectly saying. To them, you’re probably another order of being inferior a bit to them. It’s going to be up to you to believe that trash, but trust me, don’t believe it.

9. There is Something Better Out There

Again, you have to realize that as long there is something better out there than what you’re currently getting, then you deserve it. The only thing you don’t deserve is that thing that is inferior or doesn’t exist. More so, you’re stagnant, even though you shouldn’t be. You should always develop yourself to get better and to always be better. If there’s something better out there, who else better deserves it than you?

10. You’ve Got Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem is no more than the inner person that makes you answer as a human being. As long as you possess this, you should always demand something better for yourself.

On A Final Note

As someone has rightly noted, “Whether you believe you can or you cannot do something, you’re right.” No one is probably going to think you deserve something better than yourself. That’s why you should always set your mark high and avoid mingling with individuals who have nowhere to go and who would prevent others from going somewhere great. You deserve not just something better but the very best. Just believe in yourself and allow yourself to be lifted to the highest of heights.

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