Stop Chasing Success

Waking up for me is a success. Our society does not think that though. Yet these days, everyone is in a race to be successful running around like a headless chicken in search of fulfillment. Is it even something that you can canter towards? Success has gone to our heads. We all know it. We are trying so hard and in the process neglecting our needs. Here’s my success story *har har* about realizing that success involves individual preference and personal priorities.

1. Don’t Run After the Success

Love is the highest goal. First lesson: success isn’t. That is what’s most miraculous in this experience. I find myself chasing towards it at the minute which is taking me away from where I am at and blurring my focus on what I want out of life. I have to pinch myself and remind myself that if I want to be successful, I will. There is no race or rally involved, just me and my plans to make my passion become my way of living.

Success has even become something that can cause obsession when it comes to career climbing and money madness. I try not to obsess or battle with it because then success can control your life — that is not the aim in life.

2. Success is a Process

Run after ambition. Aim for passion. Drive towards determination. When you run after something that cannot be reached until you are there, then your focus is consumed. This clouds your authority; the authority to own your thoughts and think about now because success is the star of the show. Sure, make goals and go for them. Make success something that is connected with a goal rather than to “eventually” make you feel whole. Cling to unborn optimism and make success real. Right now. Success can mean waking up healthy and happy every day.

Imagine success is like happiness. You can’t run after happiness because it is something to be experienced. Experiences are immeasurable, based on the person who is living them. Therefore, just as happiness, success to one person might mean something completely different to another.

For example, I might say that I want to be a successful writer and you do too. We both have different visions of what a “successful writer” is in this case. For me, I am successful when my words have touched people in ignited peace to better people’s lives. If people are reacting in this way, then I am successful. Of course, I would love to be a full-time writer and earn money from it (one day!) but for now, I focus on healing people through words. For you, it might mean financial security or finding a passion to write about. Everyone’s vision of success is different.

3. Don’t Let it Take You Away From Now

The present moment is precious. Success can force you into another dimension, something that is dangerous to do. When you think of the future too much it can make you unappreciative or unaware of right now. What you have, what you are grateful for etc. are what matter most in life. Stay curious daily and don’t battle it. Embrace it. Stay alert. Stay in the game and always have an aim. This is your driving force towards success in something.

Final Words

There you go — stay focused, but don’t let it make you think that happiness and success are something to be reached for. I am happy and I am successful every day as I wake up because I am alive. This attunes to what I am trying to focus on in my life right now — patience and acceptance.

Try it out and tune in to what you have, rather than what you want. Work with that and make the most out of it.

Key lesson: Life isn’t about success. Life is about failing, trying again and again until you succeed!

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