What are Forward Thinking Skills?

If in the past, you could feel safe with just your years of experience within companies, nowadays, you should know that you need to be continually learning and adapting. New technologies are advancing at an accelerated rate; people are living longer through their careers, several changes in the axis of economic power, new generations growing professionally in the digital world, and everything changing more and the years, and you? Where are you at that moment?

So that you are not left behind with so much change happening, I have separated eight skills to be developed today!

1) Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking

When we look at the most successful professionals in the business world, we can find something in common between them: they are visionaries. Of course, we always have exceptions, but in general, they know what they want, and so they work to achieve those goals. Another essential feature is innovation. These professionals know the importance of being innovative in their approaches. How to get where they want and, also, are creative in their plans. Organizational strategic thinking is nothing more than aligning a company’s vision and goals.

To do this, you need to have a very sharp mind. The achievement of our goals should vary according to the situation of each company. Also, you need to keep an eye on factors such as identifying trends, financial intelligence being flexible, and separating strategy from execution.

2) Be a Hybrid Professional- for Forward Thinking

Have you ever looked for a job and been scared by the number of requirements established? The future is like that. Professionals need to be trained and gain knowledge in several areas. Examples of this reality are vacancies for HR professionals with knowledge in Digital Marketing and Supply Chain, Marketing professionals with skills in Finance and Analytics, biology professionals with experience in mathematics, and so on.

Also, it is essential to know the digital areas as well as in English. For this, it is essential always to be updated within your area and similar areas.

3) Self-Management as a Forward Thinking Ability

One of the responsibilities of company managers is to assign and manage tasks and routines for their teams. With this in mind, we can understand self-management as the ability to manage yourself. For this management to work, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, create discipline, commitment, and organization to fulfill your obligations. Some important points for effective self-management are:

– Know your emotions and have emotional intelligence,

– Take care of your relationships and empathize,

– Always reevaluating your goals,

– Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic with your current situation,

– Do not be afraid to leave the comfort zone,

– Keep an eye on your development,

– Do not be scared to seek help when needed

When we manage to manage ourselves, we also develop our skills and competencies, improve our professional performance, strengthen our career plan, and of course, we gain personal satisfaction.

4) The Ability to Ask Questions as a Forward Thinker

You must have already felt your own joy when you were the only one who knew the answer to a problem. But why aren’t the answers so important anymore? Because solutions are definitive, while questions open possibilities. When we answer, we give a solution to an already known problem. Now and when do we not see this problem? At that time comes the ability to ask questions. In the digital age, where the world is not linear; on the contrary, it is uncertain, multifaceted, and unpredictable, less and less, we will find clear and absolute answers. To suit this, we need to understand what the problems are, and so ask the questions.

We must think that in the future the machines will be responsible for the answers, and we will need to be responsible for the questions.

5) Self-Development, Curiosity, and Creativity

You are the owner of your career, so you need to take care of it with all your strength. It is no use waiting for your company to offer you training to develop; it is you who need to outline your development strategies and acquire new skills and knowledge. Immersive courses, workshops, and boot camps are great options for you to develop your skills. Because they are courses for practice and learning in a short time, you leave these courses with a lot of knowledge capable of transforming your career.

Curiosity and creativity are fundamental to your future. Becoming a curious person helps you in the search for new and challenging experiences. Creativity will allow us to develop a more extensive repertoire of solutions, tools, and learning.

6) Ability to Create Connections

Great networking never goes out of style, right? When we talk about relationships, we’re not just talking about joining Facebook or LinkedIn and adding everyone. You need to listen and focus your attention on people with whom you see the potential for future relationships, whether you are a supplier, business partner, prospective employer, and so on.

To network effectively and efficiently, you need to:

– Helping people: just look at your contact list and see who you can really help without asking for anything in return.

– Be visible: Keep your networks up to date, posting exciting content to your network of contacts. 

– Common interests: Keep in mind that the most lasting relationships are those that “speak the same language,” so make contact with people who have common interests with yours. 

– Take a creative and sincere approach: Are you thinking of sending the same birthday message to three different friends? So you’re already on the wrong track.

7) Communication Through New Media

Content marketing is already a reality. More and more companies invest in blogs and social networks to share ideas and content with their audience. Thus, it becomes necessary to have the ability to be fluent in new forms of communication.

The skills of producing cool presentations and slides, videos, and creating your own content through more agile, dynamic, and less static tools will be evaluated.

8) Programming Languages- Forward Thinking Skill

There’s no point in telling me that you didn’t know about that last item. Today, those who don’t know how to program are left behind. And technology is for women and men. No one else can be left out. 

If the subject doesn’t interest you a lot, it’s worth investing in a workshop and learning the basics of programming for those who don’t know how to program. Now, if you want to take more risks and develop to the fullest, you can study for a weekend and still be able to build your website and app. 

Final Word

It seems like a lot, but it isn’t! Just a little dedication to each topic and you are ready for the professional future.

Article Credit: https://www.theblacksheep.community/forward-thinking/

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