9 Ways to Live a Life With No Regrets

We all hope to live a life with no regrets – Ask yourself this question: If it were all about to end for you tomorrow – would you have regrets about the way it all turned out? Many of us have known regret. And what about the things we are in the process of creating today?

Let’s Look at 11 Things We Can Do Right Now So That When We Write The Final Chapter On Our Own Personal Story, We Can Make It a Happy Ending!

1. First, Celebrate Your Failures

It’s Really Okay to Mess Up.

Have you ever watched a hurdler in the Olympics? Have you counted how many hurdles the winner knocks over in that 110 meters? About half of them! They don’t even break their stride. Because it’s not about running the perfect race and not knocking over any hurdles, it’s about getting across the line.

2. Claim Your LIfe

Do you make your decisions based on your dreams and aspirations – or because it’s what your mother wants, what your father expects, what your husband needs? Are you always afraid of what others might say about you if you live life your way?

One day life will be gone – imagine how you’ll feel if you get to the end of it and never made any of the important decisions in it! This is something you can change today!!

3. Say Yes or No Today to Your Dreams

Do you have a dream? Are you actively pursuing it – or have you left it for ‘one day’?

One Day is the one day that never comes.

So if you want never to have regrets then make the decision here, now, even before you finish reading this: either say goodbye to your dream or start pursuing it today. That way you will have consciously made the decision to follow it or abandon it. So go for it – or forever be comforted by your reasons not to, then let go. Then there will be no regrets.

4. Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up Without You

We need to spend time on our goals if we’re going to succeed. But we also have to remember what we’re doing for. Kids are not kids for very long – and if you miss them growing up, you won’t ever get a second chance.

5. Close Doors

There are some regrets we just have to live with. But unless you get out and try again, you’ll never know if there wasn’t something better, will you?

6. Learn From Your Mistakes, Don’t Regret Them

Have you noticed that people who regret their mistakes also tend to make those same mistakes again and again? Regretting a mistake is not the same as learning from it. That’s why we repeat them until the lesson sinks in.

7. Be Afraid of Being Afraid

Before we make a decision, most of us think: What if? What if I ask that girl out and she says no? What if I fail? What if people laugh at me? Then years later we’re bored or we got to a reunion and met that girl we thought was out of our league, and she’s married to someone else, and she tells you she always liked you and never understood why you never asked her out.

The only ‘what if?’ to be scared of is this one: what if you get to the end of your life and realize you’ve wasted it?

8. Don’t Hide Your Feelings

The greatest regret you can have is having someone leave your life forever and you haven’t told them how you really feel.

Is there someone you would like to say one of these things too? Do it now – you can never possibly know if this is not the last chance you’ll ever have to do it.

9. And Most of All, Remember – It’s Not Over Yet

Even if you have any regrets right now, do remember one thing: It’s not over.

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made in your life, you only have to get it right once. Don’t look at what might have been – keep your eyes on the prize.

So Now You’ve Finished Reading This, You Have A Choice

You can go back to your busy, busy life and carry on as if nothing has happened. Or you can call someone up and say what’s on your mind, you can think about your purpose, you can call up that person, you can start walking that trail. Because if you don’t, you may really regret it later. A life of no regrets. It could start right here, right now.

Are You Willing to Go the Extra Mile to Become a More Motivated Person?

Article Credit: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/10-proven-ways-judge-persons-character.html

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