15 Ways to Totally Change Your Life- Part 2

Do you ever feel like you’re in a bit of a funk? If so, you’re not the only one. Lots of people find themselves feeling that exact same way, especially right now. But the good news is, you don’t have to be stuck feeling that way forever. 

Most people fail to realize that making one small change can have a big impact on their life. That’s why we’ve compiled 30+ ways your can change your life for the better! So instead of continuing to live every day as you have been, try out one (or several) of them below.

The sooner you decide to take charge and switch up a few of your bad habits, or go after your dreams or do something you’ve been putting off is when you’ll begin to see changes in your life start to happen. There’s no time to waste.

Here are 15+ ways you can change your life that you can begin doing today.

1. Make a healthy choice once a day.

It’s hard to be healthy 100% of the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work toward making healthier choices. Do so by snacking on an apple instead of a cookie or by using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil while cooking. You can start small and work your way to bigger things.

2. Start writing.

Journaling every morning is a great way to calm your mind. It’ll help keep you from getting distracted by ideas that are spinning around in your mind and make you less anxious about things that may be worrying you. 

3. Remember to relax.

Being constantly on the go can get tiring fast, which can cause you to feel burnt out and sometimes even make you start to hate things you used to love. When you start to have those feelings occur, give yourself permission to take a break for yourself.

4. Get a focus buddy to speed up your results.

“When two people focus on the same outcome, the sum of their combined energy is greater than that of two individuals,” Rudolph says, so use it to your advantage! “Share the details of your dreams and intentions with someone positive you feel emotionally safe with. This will magnify your energy and speed up the desired result. On days when it’s easier to focus on their dreams, there will still be someone focused on yours.”

5. Live in the moment.

When you’re presented with a great opportunity, don’t push it off – go for it! When you start living your life in the moment, you can fully enjoy it. Things will start to excite you more and you’ll feel a sense of happiness that you have been missing out on.

6. De-clutter your space.

You don’t have to clean out your entire house at once. Instead, pick a room you’re in the most, like your bedroom, and clear out all the clutter. Then, move on to another room on another day. Once each area is de-cluttered, you’ll feel accomplished and renewed.

7. Drink up.

Well, water that is! And though consuming the recommended 8 glasses a day may seem like a hefty goal, just start out by focusing on drinking more water than you normally would each day. It’ll become easier to continually add more as it becomes part of your normal routine.

8. Be positive.

Your mind is more powerful than you may give it credit for. Training yourself to have a positive outlook on things will change your life in a great way. It will help you see the good in things and believe in yourself more than ever before.

9. Schedule “me” time.

No matter if you set aside an hour a day for yourself or a day each week where you can focus on you, yourself and I, it’ll greatly impact your life. During that time, you can pamper yourself by doing something like taking a bubble bath or getting a manicure. Just taking a little time to put yourself first will transform your life.

10. Give yourself a makeover.

Sometime all you need to do is switch up your appearance to give you a new lease on life! You can do something like change up your haircut, your hair color, your lipstick shade or your wardrobe. The best part is, however you decide to makeover yourself is completely up to you and you can be subtle about it or dramatic.

11. Take a social media break.

If you make it a priority to stop scrolling through Instagram and other social media outlets, you’ll realize how much extra time you have in your day. You don’t have to delete the apps, but limiting your time on them and sticking to it will make a huge difference and help you be more present.

12. Lay off the alcohol.

One way to change your life is by changing your alcohol intake. While you don’t have to give up alcohol cold turkey, you’ll find that limiting the amount you consume will not only allow you to think clearer, but it’ll improve your health and allow you to save more money.

13. Continue to educate yourself.

You may be done with school, but you should never stop learning. Taking on a hobby that lets you be taught something you’ve never known how to do, like pottery or learning a new language, will challenge you.

14. Don’t worry about what others think

It might be hard to not care about what others think at first, but once you can stop letting other people’s opinions affect yours, your life will change for the better. Whether it’s doing something like changing your hairstyle or voicing your thoughts about a topic, you’ll be able to embrace your true self the less once you stop worrying about if others like it or not.

15. Cut toxic people out of your life.

When you’re trying to change your life, you have to consider the people you have in it and let some of them go. If you have people in your life who bring you down, don’t encourage you, and who aren’t there for you when you need them, cut them off and focus on the friends who are positive, you can count on and who want to see you be the best version of you.

16. Travel more.

Take little road trips and explore the outdoors. Taking the time to learn about new places, even the ones around you, will open your mind and give you a sense of peace and exploration. Plus, it’ll create amazing memories.

17. Expand your circle.

Did you know that you end up absorbing the energy and traits of those you spend time with? That’s why it’s important to never stop making new friends. You never know what positive attributes someone new could bring to your life.  

While you’re looking for ways to change your life that will work for you, check out these 150 best life quotes to help you stay inspired.

Article Credit: https://parade.com/1133124/marynliles/how-to-change-your-life/

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