15 Ways to Totally Change Your Life- Part 1

Do you ever feel like you’re in a bit of a funk? If so, you’re not the only one. Lots of people find themselves feeling that exact same way, especially right now. But the good news is, you don’t have to be stuck feeling that way forever. 

Most people fail to realize that making one small change can have a big impact on their life. That’s why we’ve compiled 30+ ways your can change your life for the better! So instead of continuing to live everyday as you have been, try out one (or several) of them below.

The sooner you decide to take charge and switch up a few of your bad habits, or go after your dreams or do something you’ve been putting off is when you’ll begin to see changes in your life start to happen. There’s no time to waste.

The list is pretty long so we will break this into two articles.

Here are 15 ways you can change your life that you can begin doing today.

1. Visualize what you want.

“To change your life, you need to first imagine a different life,” says Lisa Petsinis, a life, and career transformation coach, “and you can do this by using the power of visualization.

When you visualize something, your brain doesn’t know the difference between your vision and reality, and you jump-start your reticular activating system, which seeks information in your environment to help you achieve your goals.” So cool, right?! “Think of it as mental practice,” she says—one you can use to help you work toward any goal. “I recommend visualization to my clients who want to excel at an interview, prepare for a challenging conversation, or improve their wellbeing.”

2. Ask a question before you go to bed each night.

“Your subconscious mind works overtime while you sleep,” says Kelly Rudolph, founder of Positive Women Rock and confidence coach for women. Here’s what you need to do: “Give it some direction by asking it a clear, simple question you’d like the answer to by morning. You’ll soon find that you can relax and sleep more peacefully while it works on your behalf as your teammate to bring you closer to a solution. For a big challenge, chip away at it by asking a small question each night until you get an answer to each one.”

3. Confront a fear.

Choosing to step outside your comfort zone is one way you can change your life. Start by creating a list that includes small things that scare you. Then, slowly start to check them off one-by-one. You’ll be a braver version of yourself before you know it!

4. Don’t be a people-pleaser.

Practice channeling your energy toward things you only truly care about, which means you have to practice not saying “yes” to everything. Instead, start telling yourself that it’s totally OK to turn things down and say “no” every once in a while. It’ll make a big difference in your mental health.

5. Discover your purpose.

“One of the best ways to change your life is to uncover your life purpose,” Petsinis says. So if you’re feeling stuck, here’s what she suggests: “Reconnect with your passions, lean into your strengths, create meaning, and contribute your gifts to the world in an intentional way. When you’re on purpose, you simply shine!”

6. Pick up a book.

Checking out and escaping to another world during your day is a magical way to change your life. Reading is not only fun, but it will promote self-growth, imagination and even help you learn. If you’re not a huge reader, no worries, you can still take part in this by listening to an audiobook instead.

7. Create a dream board.  

You may think about your goals a lot, but sometimes you need a visual to push you to actually pursue them harder. You’d be surprised how seeing your dreams laid out right in front of you can help push you to actually go after them. That’s where a dream board comes into play. Just cut out photos of things you want to do and place them on a poster.

8. Pay attention to your emotions during the day.

“Your emotions create your most powerful energy to change your life,” Rudolph explains, so make the most of them. “Purposely notice if you feel happy or sad, up or down, loved or afraid around different people and in various places and situations. Your goal is to feel positive emotions,” she says, “and the quickest way to switch is to really feel gratitude for something so your positive emotional energy will magnetize more positive people and situations.”

9. Be kind … to yourself.

Sure, you may be kind to others, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Putting yourself first and not overlooking things that bring happiness to your life is very important. As soon as you start doing that, your spirits will be lifted.

10. Invest yourself with people who align with your values.

Rudolph says: “If you feel your best around friends who are compassionate and have integrity and a good sense of humor, prioritize your time with them and keep your eyes open for new ones to add to your positive group. It’s a boost to the mindset, energy level, immunity, and resilience of everyone involved.”

11. Stop procrastinating.

The best way to make sure you get things done is to just do them and not keep putting them off. Even taking small steps toward your goal is a great way to get started on a big project so it won’t be too overwhelming. Doing a little each day until it’s done is a good alternative to doing it all at once if that idea stresses you out.

12. Make a list.

Set daily goals for yourself. You can do this each day by writing out a shortlist. Getting in the habit of doing so will not only help you organize your life, but it’ll help you feel more accomplished too.

13. Practice Mindfulness

“This can be as easy as taking some deep breaths, taking a mindful walk, mindful eating, or establishing a meditation practice,” Petsinis says. “The magic of mindfulness is that it invites you to be more curious and less judgmental as it helps you become more compassionate toward yourself and others. For minutes a day, you can get grounded, connect to your breath, and be more present to signals that can guide you in making important, life-altering decisions.”

14. Adopt a growth mindset.

“You can’t change your life if you’re afraid to take chances,”  says Petsinis. “It’s ok to hit rock bottom; that’s where the growth is. Embrace challenges, learn from difficulties, apply effort and persistence in the face of obstacles, and remain confident that you’ll succeed.”

15. Let go of regrets.

There’s no denying it: Holding onto regrets will only hold you back in life. If you spend all your free time thinking about them, you’ll miss out on so many things happening around you. So instead of regretting experiences, let them go. If you want to visibly let them go, write them each down on a piece of paper and burn them in your fireplace. Then they’ll be out of sight—out of mind.

Article Credit: https://parade.com/1133124/marynliles/how-to-change-your-life/

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