The Benefit of Learning Your Personal Natal Chart

There are many factors that shape us into who we are. Childhood conditioning being the top one, but did you know that the moment you come into this world you have a soul stamp? From the moment you take your first breath, the dye is cast and the course is set but you choose how to work with, or not work with, your personal energy, your cosmic flavor. This is your birth chart or as I call it ‘Blueprint of the Soul’.

Astrology is amazing.  It is essentially, the language of energy. In the words of one of my favorite Authors, Steven Arroyo:

Astrology is perhaps preeminently-a language of energy.  I know of no other such energetic language that rivals its accuracy, descriptive precision, and usefulness.  What other language can reveal the individual’s primary Voltage, one’s basic power and life force attunement, shown by the Sun?  What other language can so precisely describe the individual’s Amperage, one’s rate of energy flow, shown by the Moon, or the individual’s Conductivity or Resistance-in what way life force can flow through the individual and into the world- symbolized by the Ascendant?

You know when someone just happens to be at the right place at the right time when you need them, almost like they were sent to help you?  As if they were sent to your assistance?  They likely were! 

The beauty of learning about your chart is that you are learning about your soul, your true essence- which is what you are really here to accomplish!  This energy is always there, pulsing beneath the surface- it is who you truly are and how you project your energy out into the universe.

This is why understanding even just your major Astrological placements can help you so much as you navigate through your journey in this life.

This goes way beyond “I’m a Taurus, what sign are you”?

Example: you may be a Gemini based on when you were born, but you don’t necessarily identify with a lot of classic Gemini traits.  You may feel more like a Pisces. How can that be, you may wonder…..well, it’s all about the placement of which sign is in which planet and then which house at the EXACT TIME of your birth.  If off by even a minute, something may change radically.

Quick Summary:

1. Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign – is your astrological sign.  It’s the time of the Zodiac, where the Sun was when you were born.  The Sun is your ego, your vitality and life force, your core essence.  This is your way of being in the world. So lets say your birthday is 11/18- this means that you are a Scorpio.  This is your Sun sign.

But not every person born on this day is a true Scorpio by description, or is the same as the next Scorpio…you follow?  While some of the major traits will always apply, they will not always be as pronounced from one Scorpio to the next.

I have two close friends with this birth-date and while they are somewhat similar, they are very different people with unique personality traits that are not the same as the other. 

2. Moon Sign

Your Moon sign- The Moon is where it’s at!  The Moon in my opinion, is everything. The moon is your emotion, it is your heart and your soul. Who we are and how we relate emotionally to others, and to the world around us instinctively.  It  is our auto-pilot, and represents our emotional habits. The Moon represents how we like to be nurtured and cuddled, and also, how we give nurturing to others.

Your true emotional nature, this is your Moon.  Dependent on your time of birth, your Moon will likely be in a different sign than your Sun.  This means that if you are a Leo Sun with a Libra Moon, your emotions will not be Leo, they will be Libra.

Another example- let’s say your Moon is in Aquarius, then you will likely have very detached emotions. Aquarian Moons tend to intellectualize their emotions, making sense of them and not prone to outward displays of affection.  They can easily rationalize emotion away, almost appearing ‘cold’. This is not an easy Moon placement as the Moon is all water, and Aquarius falls under the element of Air/Mental.

I tend to focus on the Moon quite a bit, as it is unique and special, always very telling of  how others will receive and perceive information and how they will feel others and the energy around them. 

This explains why some people will have emotional connections with some, while they just can’t seem to connect with others.  Compatible or incompatible Moons in astrology have high emphasis, as they should.

3. Rising Sign

Your rising sign also known as your Ascendant in the Astrological world- this is the sign that was rising above the Sun on the Eastern Horizon at your exact time of birth.  *This is a major part of your personality, and when you read your horoscope, you should really read the rising sign as well. The Ascendant is how you present yourself to the outside world.  This is your ‘mask’, what the public sees when they look at you, it is a large part of who you are.

Not to say this ‘mask’ is phony by any means, because it is very real.  It is just the way that others see you, versus how you truly feel about yourself.

Try an experiment: ask some close friends to describe their first impression of you.  I guarantee it will surprise you!

They are likely describing the traits of your Ascendant.  It is said that up until about age 30, we are more likely to strongly embody the traits of our Ascendant.  As we mature, we tend to ‘drop the mask’ and become more like our Sun Sign.  However, we can also grow more into this mask as we mature. This is how people truly view you, this is how you are perceived.

3. Mercury Placement

Mercury is the planet of communication.  This is how we get our point across to others, and how we relate both verbally and in written form. So lets use the example that you are a Gemini by birth. Gemini’s are very chatty and communicative, often jumping from topic to topic, sometimes appearing to everywhere, Now let’s say your Mercury is in Capricorn.  Well, Capricorn is the serious one of the Zodiac.  Not one to really talk about “feelings”.

Yes, Capricorns have feelings, but they are always very protective of them and it takes a lot to get them out of their shell.  Since Capricorn is an Earth sign, their emotions tend to stay grounded, not get carried away. However, when Capricorns need to communicate, they get their point across very quickly and bluntly. So as a Gemini Sun with Mercury in Capricorn, you will communicate as a Capricorn, but you will always have a lot to express…you follow?

Then you have to take into consideration the houses that each planet/sign fall in and the degree at which they fall… see how precise this becomes?

This is why no two Pisces will possess the same energy.  Why no two Virgos will have a nervous stomach, why no two Geminis will talk a lot.

Final Words

There is so much more that factors in- which is why it is so awesome to learn your chart- you are really learning your soul!

There is so much more to it and it is so fascinating…if you have never had your Natal Chart (birth chart) analyzed, you truly should. A great starting point is Youtube!

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