Learn Something New Every Day! The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

The rate at which we learn during our first, most crucial years on earth is extraordinary. Presented with a strange, new world and with little else to do other than make sense of the many new and exciting things that we are faced with; we enter this world keen, ruthless learners.

As we progress through nursery, school, and college this hunger to learn stays strong. From how to share with others or cross the street safely to our academic studies or the topics that interest us most. Our brains are hungry sponges! They are thirsty for every ounce of learning that we can get from our surroundings and life experiences, throughout our early years we are continually progressing and evolving.

The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

Some of us choose to go to school, determined to learn all that there is to know about our favorite topics. Shakespeare, volcanology, World War I… the subjects become more specialist and we admire our own learning feats and progression. But what then?

Why is it that for many of us, a point comes in our lives when our learning is brought to an abrupt end?

We leave school, or college and enter into jobs where after a certain period of time we feel that we have learned all that there is to know about our role. We consciously bring our learning to an end.

Worryingly, statistics reveal that after education many people will never pick up a book again. Learning is not just about academic knowledge; it is about evolving as individuals. Continually working to become the very best that we can be.

Life-long learning is even credited for staving off mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and is said to keep the mind young. But most importantly of all, who wouldn’t want to keep learning in a world as vast, brilliant and abundant in information and beauty as ours?

5 Ways To Learn Something New Every Day

1. Read

With so many millions of unexplored worlds, characters and periods of history to be explored in books, why would you not want to read?

Reading keeps your imaginative flame burning brightly and offers a brilliant form of easy and cheap entertainment. So head down to your local library today and see where just one book will take you.

2. Travel

Traveling, whether in your own country or around the globe, can open your eyes up to a whole variety of new cultures and un-travelled paths.

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone now and again will not only teach you about alternative ways of life but about yourself and your capabilities too.

3. Have Hobbies

Have you ever fancied taking up a hobby, but until now have been guilty of putting it off? Starting a new hobby can provide you with a whole host of exciting learning opportunities. Netball, painting, wine tasting or writing; there are so many options out there!

Getting to grips with a new craft will stretch your abilities and help you to meet new people. So what is there to lose?

4. Stay Updated

Staying abreast of the things that interest you, whether, through reviews, the newspaper, blogs or group meetings will help to keep you connected with the topics and issues that you are passionate about.

Keeping updated about the things that matter to you most will give you a brilliant opportunity to further your learning and stay up to date with the things that may have interested you.

5. Explore!

Self-directed learning is a lot more fun compared to the structured, disciplined learning that you received at school. So take advantage of your adult years to explore the things that interest you most! Having passions and interests are what helps to make us individuals and keep our lives interesting.

Final Words

If you have questions about something or find something pricking your curiosity, explore it! Learning is a life-long habit so don’t break it!

Article Credit: https://www.thelawofattraction.com/why-the-best-people-never-stop-learning/

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