7 Essential (and FREE) Self-Care Habits

Because you’re worth it

These days, we might tend to think of self-care as an indulgence in some pleasure that takes our minds off the daily grind. There also might be less money to go toward self-care. Although the glow-up of a fresh set of nails is undefeated, self-care doesn’t have to be limited to goods or services you can buy.

 It is more important than ever to take care of ourselves. And you can still practice self-care regardless of how many coins you have in your account, without even leaving your house. Care is a type of labor, so don’t feel bad if at first it’s hard to spend that energy and time on yourself. You’re totally worth it, though. 

Because we love it when you show yourself some love, here are seven essential self-care habits to start (or keep up) during quarantine.

1. Stay hydrated

We don’t mean to sound like your mom here, but she’s got a point: water is life! Your body is made up of mostly water and keeping your situation adequately hydrated is key. If the taste of plain old H2O is a deterrent for you, try drinking sparkling water or decaf tea, or add some cut-up fruit your water bottle (as a bonus, fruit is a source of “gel water”). Water helps keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy in addition to giving you energy throughout the day. Not to mention that dehydration can cause fever, which can cause you to think you have COVID-19, which we can say from experience isn’t fun for anyone.

2. Get some rest

You don’t need a bedtime because you’re grown, right? Not exactly. Lack of adequate sleep can affect your health and your mood. We know it’s tempting to stay up at least until Netflix asks, “Are you still watching this?” But if you can, try to get between six and nine hours of sleep a night. You’ll feel better for it.

3. Eat something!

It happens to the best of us. We get so busy grinding and then before we realize it, we’ve skipped breakfast and lunch. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until we suddenly feel lightheaded. Be kind to that beautiful body of yours and feed it something yummy.

4. Give your eyes and mind a break

So much is happening in the world right now, it can be hard to step away from the screens that keep us up to date with news. But remember to rest your eyes periodically. Your brain will also thank you for a break from the 24-hour news cycle.

5. Connect with your body

Try working out your frustrations physically. Take a jog in place at home or outside. Fight the air. Do some energizing stretches.

7. Reach out to some humans

The smile on their face will put one on yours.

Article Credit: https://www.bedsider.org/features/1540-7-essential-and-free-self-care-habits?gclid=Cj0KCQjwo-aCBhC-ARIsAAkNQiv88DPnLWZZPw_qGXZfa7bGWlLiavsSzGkN5Hib0kqHe0ww7WeRM9QaApLvEALw_wcB

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